MAD Charleston Events 2019/2020

The Charleston Chapter of Military Appreciation Day, Inc. would like to thank the captains who put Active Duty Troops on the water on a beautiful October 12th morning, and made our event a huge success. Adventure Harbor Tours used their largest pontoon boat to transport Surf captains and Troops to fish the beach on Morris Island.

We were at a new location this year, and we would like to thank Freehouse Brewery for hosting our land-based event site. Friday evening at the Captains Meeting, each Captain was given our “MAD Charleston Chapter Commemorative Coin”. At the end of the Captain’s Meeting, 10 American flags that flown in a local C17 delivering supplies to a US base overseas, were given away as “thank you’s” from the MAD Charleston Team. Southern Que-N-Stew provided the captains with a tasty meal again.

After a beautiful Saturday fishing, we gathered back at Freehouse Brewery, and the evening’s fabulous dinner was again provided by the Pioneer Smokers. Once the bellies were satisfied, the troops and captains were asked to stand, and the captains presented their troops with a “MAD Commemorative Coin”. Music afterwards was provided by our MAD Chas house band Fat Alice, who has played at each of our events.

Door prizes for the Troops were the usual sets of cornhole boards (the bottom of each board was signed by the captains and crew Friday night) and rod & reel combos.

MAD 2020 Charleston will be on October 16-17, 2020. Currently, we are planning to hold our event just as the past. However, due to the uncertainty of Troop availability, our event may be postponed or cancelled. If we can’t get troops, we can’t thank them that particular Saturday, but we still can thank them when we see them at the grocery store or gas station.

Team MAD Charleston

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