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MAD Charleston 2020-2021 Summaries & 2022 Date Set

MAD Charleston 2020 & 2021 Event Summary

The Charleston Chapter of Military Appreciation Day, Inc. would like to thank the captains
who put Active Duty Troops on the water on a not-so beautiful October 10th, 2020,
morning, and made our event a little success. With COVID hitting, we held an undercover
event consisting of two boats. Others cancelled due the poor weather.

Our 2021 Event was held back at Rivers Edge Marina on October 8th – 9th, 2021. Still a
tradition, Friday evening at the Captains Meeting each Captain was given our “MAD
Charleston Chapter Commemorative Coin”. This year we had 8 very special American flags that were flown in a local C17 that was evacuating refugees from Kabul Afghanistan. We’ve been fortunate that for 6 years flags have been given away as a “thank you” from the MAD Charleston Team to our volunteer captains. And once again, Southern Que-N-Stew provided the captains with a tasty meal.

After another windy and full moon tide on Saturday, we gathered back at Rivers Edge
Marina, and the evening’s most delicious dinner was again provided by Henry and the
Pioneer Smokers. Once the bellies were satisfied, the troops and captains were asked to
stand, and the captains presented their troops with a “MAD Commemorative Coin”. Music
afterwards was provided by our MAD Charleston house band Fat Alice, who has played at each of our events.

Door prizes for the Troops were different this year. Unfortunately, the usual sets of cornhole boards were absent this year, but we were able to give away 16 envelopes with
$50 each to the troops.

MAD 2022 Charleston will be held on October 8-9, 2022. Hopefully we’ll have better weather!


Team MAD Charleston