MAD 9 Morehead City

Scott Krieger, the MAD Morehead City Chapter Boat Coordinator says

Well folks, MAD 9 is in the books and thanks to you all and many more, it went as smooth as possible. A few hiccups here and there, but having experienced people really pays off as you can adjust on the fly and make out like nothing ever happened.
… Thanks to all those on Boat Commitee who pulled together on the docks for the great effort, we have some amazing teams here at MAD, including the awesome HOBO Junction team, Site, Family Activities, Fundraising….and everybody who helps, a big thank you to the fish cleaners, they really got slammed but got it done!
… All boats went away with almost full capacity, all standby’s that wanted a boat were successfully placed. My rough total says we had 100 Troop fishing volunteer boats, 6 tour boats, 3 Carrot Island boats, two head boats and 505 Troops fishing! The second largest MAD event ever!

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Aerial Photos
For the first time MAD has received low altitude aerial photos of our event, courtesy Alex Fisher of NishFuts Productions. Using a high-res camera mounted on a radio-controlled quadcopter, he visited the docks at Jaycee Park and donated several good photos.

You can view the rest of his photos at his Facebook.

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